Participating In Meetings Via SIP Conference

datePosted on 11:56, August 2nd, 2012 by Alan Whinery

We who live in the Pacific Hemisphere tend to focus on teleconferencing, perhaps more than continentals. In the past, the IPv6 Task Force has enjoyed some attendance from Hawaii, and other Pacific locations on our UStream feed, but it doesn’t offer the remote viewers the chance to contribute to the discussion.

As an experiment, beginning with the August 2012 meeting, we will offer a SIP conference bridge for those who would like the chance to speak in the meeting from afar.

In order to obtain SIP registration information to participate in the coming meeting, visit this page.

To obtain and configure Jitsi for Mac, Windows, or Linux, visit this page. I have used Jitsi, X-Lite, and csipsimple (Android) for testing. If you have success with clients for iPhone or iPad, please let me know.

A test service, to make sure your client is configured and working, will be made available one week prior to the August 2012 meeting .