Summary of the June 23, 2010 Meeting

datePosted on 11:43, June 28th, 2010 by Alan Whinery

– IPv6 appliance development
– Alan is working on a liveCD distro that includes features useful to
IPv6 deployers and experimenters.
Includes: DHCP,DNS,apache revers proxy, Rogue-RA sniper.

– Apple iOS v6

– THC-IPV6 Attack Toolkit

– Google Geo-IP-glitch
– Now have heard two reports that missing elements in Google’s
location data for IPv6 caused aspiring Google Voice testers to be
informed that they were not in U.S.A., when in fact they were in
Hawaii and Minnesota.

– HTCo v6 HIX peering
Could be coming soon.
– North American IPv6 Task Force
Formulative meeting among regionals to discuss cooperation.

– Facebook IPv6 trial

– BitTorrent, PPTP and IPv6
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